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Finding application centres and information also takes long.

The extension will also assist applicants to put together the application fee and money to travel to and from Lesotho for these police clearances and to the other admin ready so they can submit their applications. I fully support this Lesotho Special Permit, but I think the time that was given was not enough.

In short, independence in Lesotho for political leaders might feel about as festive as daily life does for the majority of the Basotho citizens, many of whom struggle to get by in a country long on political dysfunction and short on economic opportunity, even as they hope for solid governance.Violence in Lesotho’s electoral politics dates to the colonial period.A 1964 shooting at a political rally claimed three lives as parties campaigned for the pre-independence elections.Mosisili has been in power for the last two years and has seen his support base weaken as the ruling coalition was dogged by infighting and the resignation of several cabinet ministers.Entirely surrounded by South Africa, the country of about 2 million people has suffered several coups since independence in 1966.

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