Radiomatic dating mixed dating bible

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Emphasizing human-like characteristics in an ape skeleton 3.

Ironically, these pseudo-scientific claims (which are likely to be increasingly challenged by rival palaeoanthropoligists in the months and years to come), have been embraced by politicians eager to bask in the limelight of this ‘scientific’ discovery.

Even so, these supposed characteristics aren't very convincing. As obvious is that God only created one type or "kind" of man from whom "every nation of men" (Acts ) is descended.

To the gentleman complaining about lack of "secular" references realize they also want to be paid in order to access the information in many cases. Hence the need for sensationalistic claims to obtain grants, jobs, ect.

What they are not, though, is some kind of missing link between ape-like ancestors and man, which is what Berger and his team are clearly inferring.

Already the interpretation as a new species of if there is so much indication that these may have been ordinary humans with some unique anatomical variations just as there are variations today between different people groups but all descended from the first two people created by God—Adam and Eve?

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